Pulling energy out of thin air

A Highview Power plant is the best option for long-duration energy storage. Our reliable solution uses cryogenic energy storage technology and releases zero emissions in the process. Our plants can be situated anywhere, are built using mature components from established suppliers and have a lifespan of 30+ years.

Use cases

Our solution can provide services at all levels of the electricity system: supporting power generation, providing stabilisation services to transmission grids and distribution networks, and acting as a source of backup power to end users.

  • Power Generation
    • Managing intermittent renewable generation
    • Energy arbitrage
    • Peak shaving
    • Improved heat rate
    • Waste heat
  • Transmission
    • Ancillary services
    • Transmission constraints
    • Inertia services
    • Responsive flexibility services
    • Voltage support
  • Distribution
    • Reactive power
    • Voltage support
    • Local security
    • Distribution losses
  • End users
    • Power reliability
    • Energy management
    • Waste heat recovery
    • Waste cold usage

Key benefits

Why cryogenic energy storage is integral to balancing the grid.

  • 30+ years lifetime

    with mature components

  • Lowest cost

    locatable technology at utility scale

  • Zero emissions

    and benign materials

  • Ready to deploy

    with established supply chain

  • Build anywhere

    with no geographical constraints

  • Large-scale

    GW and GWh

Our global value

We are ready to deploy at scale anywhere in the world to help meet demands for a wide range of markets and applications.

  • 60%

    Global energy storage market is forecast to be long-duration, grid connected storage

  • $620–1100bn

    Market size of energy storage by 2040

  • 208GW

    Forecast cryogenic energy storage capacity to 2040 (cumulative)

  • 45%

    Global long-duration storage market that is accessible by cryogenic energy storage

  • $167–297bn

    Global market for cryogenic energy storage technology in terms of vendors revenue by 2040

  • $15bn

    Machines CAPEX per year on average (MAC, RAC and PRUs) and EPCs build CAPEX