Our Renewable Energy Power Stations can be locatable anywhere and are completely green, scalable and configurable – enabling us to serve grid operators, renewable energy generators and large corporations at locations where storage, energy shifting and stability services are most needed.

Dependable Technology Available Now

Our Renewable Energy Power Stations utilize proven components deployed in an innovative design to deliver a low risk, highly dependable performance and reliability equivalent to traditional fossil fuel power stations. When dealing with critical national infrastructure (such as national grid systems), especially when delivering mission-critical services, low technology and operating risk is not only mandatory but sets us apart from other LDES technologies.

Use cases

Delivering at all levels of the electricity system,
simultaneously providing energy storage and high-value
grid services.

  • Renewable developers/owners
    • Increase in revenue due to premium for 24/7 green product
    • Increase in revenue from power sales
  • System operators
    • Reduction of balancing action costs associated with constraint redispatch
    • Reduction of grid services (e.g., stability, voltage) procurement costs
  • Integrated Utilities
    • Reduction of power gen costs
    • Reduction of capacity costs
    • Reduction of network upgrade costs
  • Industrial customers
    • Reduction of power generation/fuel costs (e.g., displacement of diesel generation)
    • Reduction of carbon emissions and associated costs
  • Operators of isolated power systems
    • Increase in revenue due to premium for 24/7 green product
    • Increase in revenue from power sales

Key benefits

Why our CRYOPlatform is integral to balancing the grid

  • 30+ years lifetime

    with mature components

  • Low cost

    locatable technology at utility scale

  • Zero emissions

    and benign materials

  • Ready to deploy

    with established supply chain

  • Build anywhere

    with no geographical constraints

  • Grid-scale

Exponential Energy Demand Needs Critical Support

Conservative estimates predict that energy demand will triple in the coming decades, Over 2⁄3 of that energy will need to come from intermittent renewable power sources. Long duration energy storage and flexible grid services will be essential to enable that influx and to ensure that grids are highly reliable and secure

  • 1.5-2.5 TW

    Projected installed capacity of LDES by 2040

  • $1.5-3.0 tr USD

    Will be required between 2022-2040 to scale LDES

  • 10%

    Of all electricity generated by 2040 would be stored in Long Duration Energy Storage