Accelerating the Drive to a 100%
Renewable Energy Grid

The World Has Embraced the Goal of
Net Zero Emissions

Led by the goal to achieve net zero power grid emissions by 2040, governments and businesses around the world are addressing global warming and solving the carbon emissions problem by replacing fossil fuel power generation with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro. Given their inherent unpredictability, however, renewable energy sources alone cannot achieve net zero power emissions.

Our platform addresses the inherent fragility in renewables and catalyzes
the path to a net zero future.

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Net Zero Cannot Be Achieved Without Long Duration Energy Storage

Critical to the delivery of the net-zero power grid will be secure, reliable & flexible grid-scale long-term energy storage (LDES). This will be a capability that will need to be always-on – both to capture excess renewable energy at times of generation surplus and store it for future use, and to discharge such stored energy at times of renewable energy generation shortfall.

We Make Intermittent Clean Energy Constant

Our Renewable Energy Power Stations convert intermittent renewable energy into a constant, reliable, and cost-effective source of grid-scale power wherever and whenever it’s needed, while at the same time delivering essential grid stability and balancing services to ensure the stability, resilience and security of the grid. This enables giga-scale solar and wind power to be captured and delivered without the need for coal-fired power plants to compensate for intermittency or remedy grid instability and makes 100% renewables generation achievable.

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Reliability Tomorrow Means Action Today

A 100% renewable energy future is possible, but we must act now. To accelerate change we need to adopt scalable solutions that can store and deploy renewable energy where and when it is needed.


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Highview Power partners with the world’s leading energy experts and most progressive global corporations, policymakers, and governments to deliver meaningful energy transition around the world

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