Our CRYOplatform technology is ready now

Highview Power’s CRYOplatform technology, deployed as part of our Renewable Energy Power Stations, stores renewable energy in the form of liquid air. When power is needed, it expands the liquid air into an inert gas which can produce hours, days, or weeks of constant green energy. This state-of-the-art cryogenic technology is protected with over XX global patents, has been developed over the last fifteen years and is ready to be deployed at grid-scale today.

The process

Like all energy storage systems, our cryogenic energy storage system comprises three main processes: a charging system, an energy store, and power recovery.

  • Charge
    Turning ambient air into liquid
  • Store
    Storing the liquid air in tanks
  • Recover
    When needed, expanding the liquid air into a gas which generates electricity

How it works

Clean Technology is Green Technology

Our Renewable Energy Power Stations are 100% green. Highview Power’s patented CRYOplatform technology uses only benign, freely available materials (fresh air) and creates zero harmful emissions to deliver the cleanest solution for storing and shifting renewable energy, making it the best energy storage solution for our planet.

How we stack up

A 50MW / 250 MWh plant could store enough power to generate electricity for 100,000 homes. This is the best option for mid- to large-scale storage which can be located at the point of demand.