Highview Power Technology Featured at Energy Storage Global Conference in Brussels

19 October 2022

Renewable energy leaders and policy-makers were in Brussels last week (11-13 October, 2022) for the Energy Storage Global Conference.

One of the well-attended panels included “Long Duration Energy Storage: How to Ensure Flexibility from Days to Seasons,” which featured Highview Power Business Development Director, Mark Vyvan-Robinson with Davor Bajs from Energy Community, Michael Geyer from Malta, Inc., Alexander Schoenfeldt from CellCube, and moderated by Julia Souder from the LDES Council.

Audience members also had an opportunity to hear Mark speak about the ability of Highview Power Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) technology to store energy for longer periods with greater efficiency and Highview Power’s Power System approach to an optimized grid that minimises the cost of the energy transition.

“There was a huge amount of support for the view that long-duration energy storage with synchronous generation is key to the energy transition to fully replace thermal generation,” said Mark. “Policy makers in Europe need to watch closely the renewables integration grid challenges in the UK to understand what will shortly be required at scale in Europe.”


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